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About Essential Chiropractic Inc

Our Mission

Our mission is to have our patients live and enjoy life without pain. We realize that some of you may be skeptics. Some of you may think chiropractic is only “cracking backs.” We’d like the chance to show you that chiropractic is a legitimate profession and path for those seeking pain relief to get results.

Whether we are your first choice or last resort, Dr. Foley will craft your care plan to get you out of pain as quickly as possible and in a way that you are comfortable with.

Our Philosophy

We don’t see chiropractic as a “fix”; it’s an aid. And while the body is often able to heal itself, sometimes medicine or surgery might be the best solution. Our practice is guided by science in order to make what we think are the best recommendations for your care.

What We Offer

Essential Chiropractic Inc offers chiropractic care and massage therapy by two skilled practitioners. Dr. Foley, our chiropractor, and our massage therapist, Samantha customize your sessions based on what you’ve discussed. We do not take a cookie cutter approach to care but pride ourselves on customizing the best session for your needs.

How We Help

We can help with many types of pain including but not limited to: low back pain, neck pain, joint stiffness, muscle aches, headaches, sciatica. Call us at (709) 757-3307 to find out if we can address the pain you’re experiencing.

Our comfortable environment will put you at ease. We can’t wait to help you get the care you deserve!

About Essential Chiropractic Inc | (709) 757-3307